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NX Workstation is a remote access method allowing graphical access to Linux systems in the Engineering Computing Center (ECC) in a secure and bandwidth efficient way. It supports hardware accelerated 3D rendering and hardware accelerated encoding/decoding.

Pre-requisites for remote access from off-campus

All off-campus remote access requires SCU VPN connection enabled before you can remotely connect. Follow the steps below to setup your SCU VPN. This includes setting up Duo. If you do not enable SCU VPN, your remote connection will fail.

1. Duo: You will need to have Duo set up. If you already have Duo set up, skip to step 2. If you do not have Duo set up yet, follow the instructions in the SCU Duo Quickstart Guide.

2. VPN: Next, you will need to download and install the SCU VPN client. Connect to the VPN before you remotely access the ECC. If you do not have the VPN set up yet, follow these instructions.

3. SCU Username and Password: You will need to know your SCU Username and Password to connect to the ECC. If you don't know your credentials, or if you need to reset your password, follow these instructions.


You must first download and install the NoMachine Enterprise Client software on the computer you're connecting from:


  • Download the connection file: https://quota.engr.scu.edu/nx/ECC-NX-Linux.nxs
    • NOTE: Login with your SCU username (SCU Gmail without the @scu.edu), then enter your SCU password to access and download this file
  • Save the file somewhere easy to remember (like your Desktop or Documents folder)
  • Double-click on the ECC-NX-Linux.nxs file you saved
  • On your first connection, you will be prompted to trust the key of the NX server
  • Enter your SCU username (SCU Gmail without the @scu.edu) and password when prompted
  • Select "Create a new virtual desktop" and click "Continue"
  • On your first connection, NX will display up to three help screens overlaid on top of the linux desktop, click OK on each to move on
  • When the desktop is displayed, it may be smaller or larger than desired, simply resize the NX window to the size you want and wait for the Linux desktop to resize itself to match
    • If the display remains too small or cut off:
      • Put your mouse in the upper-right corner of the NX window (where the Linux date/time display is by default)
      • A small "edge of page folding down" animation will appear.
      • Click it.
      • Select "Display"
      • Click "Resize remote screen" to put the selection box around it ("Fit to window" will grey-out)
      • Click "Done" twice
      • The Linux desktop should now auto-size itself to fit in your NX window


  • It is not currently possible to reconnect to a disconnected session. Sessions are immediately terminated once disconnected.