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Each Engineering student (or student taking an Engineering class) is eligible for an account with which they can login to the Windows, Linux, and OS X workstations of the Engineering Computing Center. (ECC, formerly the Design Center)

ECC accounts are completely independent of other campus accounts like SCU Gmail (ie, or Camino.


Accounts are created automatically each quarter based on data from the University Registrar.

Manual Creation

For various reasons, not everyone eligible receives an account automatically. If you are eligible and need an account, send e-mail from your address to with your full name, student ID, and a picture of your ACCESS Card for verfication.

If you do not have an ACCESS Card, please provide the course number (ie, COEN 20) of an Engineering class in which you're enrolled, along with the name of the faculty member teaching the course. We'll reach out to them to verify your enrollment and get your account created.


ECC usernames use the first letter of your first name, and up to the first seven letters of your last name. (If this would create a username that is already in use, a number is appended to the username to make it unique)

If you're unsure of your ECC username, send an e-mail from your address to along with a picture of your ACCESS Card.

NOTE: ECC usernames are completely independent and often differ from SCU Gmail usernames.

NOTE2: ECC usernames are case sensitive and all lowercase. (So for example, testuser might be a valid username but TestUser would not)


Default Passwords

By default, ECC account passwords are set to the string ECC! followed by your full ACCESS Card ID number, with all the zeroes. Your ACCESS Card ID is the same as your student ID, with the leading W removed, and left-zero-padded to 11 digits. For example, if your student ID is W1234567 your 11-digit ACCESS Card number would be 00001234567 and so your default ECC password would be: ECC!00001234567

NOTE: If the number on the front of your ACCESS Card is less than 11-digits long, add enough zeroes to the front to make it 11-digits long

IMPORTANT: When your ECC account password is set to the default, your account is not fully active and you will NOT be able to access most ECC services until you go through the forced password change process as described below.

Password Resets

If you forget your ECC password, you can request a password reset. Send email from your address to requesting a password reset along with a picture of the front of your ACCESS Card. If you do not have an ACCESS Card, we'll ask you to have an Engineering professor confirm your enrollment via e-mail. (Do NOT send a picture of your driver's license or passport!) Once processed, your password will be reset to the original default as described above.

NOTE: ECC passwords do not get automatically reset to the default between quarters or academic years. If you have an existing ECC account and have set a password on it, that password will remain set until changed or until you explicitly request a password reset.

Forced Password Change

IMPORTANT: When your ECC account password has expired or is set to the default (e.g., when first created or after you've had your password reset), it is not fully active and must be changed before you can use it to access the ECC. (Attempting to login to most ECC services with a default or expired password will fail, even if the password is entered correctly)

To change your ECC account password:

Once you've successfully changed your password, your ECC account will be fully active and can be used to access other ECC services.

Remote Access

Once your account no longer had a default or expired password, you can use the various remote access services the ECC provides. Click here to see an overview of those services, and instructions for how to connect to them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ACCESS Card ID versus Student ID

Your ECC account's default password is the 4 characters string 'ECC!' followed by the 11-digit number on the front of your ACCESS Card. This number can be derived from your student ID. To do this, ignore any leading letters in the student ID (generally a single 'W') then left-pad the remaining numbers with zeroes to get to 11-digits. For example:

  1. Student ID: W1234567
  2. Remove letter W: 1234567
  3. Left-pad with zeroes to get to 11-digits: 00001234567
  4. ACCESS Card Number: 00001234567
  5. Default ECC password: ECC!00001234567

Remote Desktop Connection says I must change my password

Windows 10
Window 7

If you get any of these dialogs when trying to login via RDP Servers or RDP Workstations then your ECC account still has its default password and is not fully active. To go through the forced password change and fully activate your account, click here, login with your ECC username and password, and follow the prompts. Once your password has been changed, your account will be fully active and you'll be able to login via Remote Desktop Connection.

What is my "Kerberos" password

NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended that you change your password using the web interface as directed here. The information below is only applicable to changing your password via SSH, which remains an option, but one you should only be using if you are confident you want to use SSH to change your password rather than the web interface for some reason.

When changing your password as outlined in this link, be sure to follow the example given in the link exactly. Specifically, you'll end up entering your old password twice, then your new password twice. If you enter your new password where you should have entered your old password the second time, you'll then be prompted for your "Kerberos" password, which will then fail regardless of what you enter.

Specifically, you need to enter your old password when you first login, then again when asked for your (current) UNIX password: Once you get to the New password: prompt, you enter your new password, then enter the new one again at the Retype new password: prompt.