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All students who wish to post web pages on the DC web servers must agree to abide by all policies in this document. Submitting a request for a webpage indicates acceptance of all policies.

Penalties for policy violations may include loss of webpage privileges, temporary or permanent suspension of computer accounts, punishment by the school or university, and/or legal action, depending on the nature and severity of the violation.

Current Policies

  • Students may not post webpages that violate policies of Santa Clara University, the SCU School of Engineering, or any applicable laws.
  • Your top-level webpage must include the required disclaimer. Please see the end of this document for details.

Required Disclaimer

Your top-level (index) webpage must included the exact text of the required legal disclaimer. In other words, whatever comes back for the request http://students.engr.scu.edu/~username/ needs to contain the disclaimer.

Disclaimer Text

The content of these web pages is not generated by and does not represent the views of Santa Clara University or any of its departments or organizations.

This will be checked automatically by the system regularly, and violators will have their webpages automatically disabled. Please be sure to use the exact wording given above, and do not include any HTML tags inside the disclaimer. If you are using frames, the disclaimer must still appear in your basic index file.

NOTE: The webpage script will allow you to verify the disclaimer on your page.

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