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QualNet 4.5 is a network simulator from Scalable Technologies.



QualNet can be used on any Linux system. Access is restricted to those accounts authorized to use it.

Requesting Access

Send an e-mail to support@engr.scu.edu including:

  • Design Center username
  • Class/Project for which you need QualNet
  • Professor responsible for the class/project


To prepare your session to run qualnet, you need to run:

setup qualnet

NOTE: The first time you run setup qualnet the system will create a custom QualNet install for you in your home directory. This process only happens once. (You still need to run setup qualnet for each new session, but the install is only done once)


A simple check that your QualNet install is working:

cd $QUALNET_HOME/scenarios/default
qualnet default.config

This should run a simple simulation and give no licensing or other errors.

You can access the GUI by running:



Locally installed documentation is available on any DC system by browsing to:


(Unfortunately, you need to copy and paste that link into Firefox for it to work. You also need to be doing so on a DC workstation)

If you prefer, you can also use any filemanager you like to browse to:


Known Issues

  • Printing
Printing does not currently work.
  • Documentation
The documentation links under the Help menu don't work. However, documentation can be accessed as described in the Documentation section above.
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